Wool Slippers and Toques Ethically Made By Our Friends IN NEPAL

We have been working with the same company in Nepal to make handmade toques since 2003. During this time they have become a Fair Trade certified company and have expanded their business beyond knitting and moved into wool felt handicrafts as well. In 2016, we worked with them to create our first collection of wool slippers. What started as a business relationship has since turned into a longstanding friendship built on mutual respect and trust. We have seen how the work we contribute to in Nepal positively affects the lives of the people there.

As one of the least developed countries in the world, Nepal is in need of safe and sustainable employment. We keep as much of our supply chain in Nepal as possible to benefit their local economy. That is why we spin and dye our wool in Nepal instead of importing finished yarn and felt from other countries. The more employment opportunities we can provide means a greater benefit for the economy as a whole. We believe that small businesses can make a big impact through the choices we make in how and where we produce our products. We believe that our history of producing in Nepal is a testament to that. 

The video below shows the many people involved in turning raw wool into a finished product in Nepal.