What our customers are saying about our wool slippers...

"These slippers are the first thing on in the morning and the last thing off before bed! I have a pair that are at least 5 years old and they are still going strong. I ended up getting a second pair as well since I do tend to misplace my slippers, so now at least I have 2 pairs. Highly recommend!"

- Tanya M.

"Imagine. You get out of bed, you're tired, it's a bit cold. A cup of yet to be made coffee beckons to you in the next room. Your old self would stick your bare feet onto the ice-cold ground, cringe, and regret your life choices. But now, with your new Carlyle felt boot, you slip your cold foot into the warm embrace of an ethically made, sustainable wool felt slipper."

- Pat V.

"The quality is fantastic, they are really well made and very nice looking - and so comfortable! I bought a pair for both my husband and I for our cabin and we are going to wear them non-stop! Everything from Ambler is the best!"

- Chelsea F.

Men's and Women's Slippers Famous For Their Design and Durability

Both our women’s slippers and men’s slippers are known for their excellent quality, warmth and comfort. They have been designed to last and come in three different, classic styles. Our first slipper (and customer favourite), the Slocan, has a short profile making them easy to slip on and off, yet secure enough that you won’t shuffle out of them unintentionally.

Building upon this style we introduced the Carlyle wool felt slipper boot that features a higher profile for a warmer and more secure fit.

New to our slipper collection this year, the Halcyon has the same profile as our best-selling Slocan Slipper, but with a grippy, natural rubber sole!

Felt Slippers Guaranteed to Last

Ambler's wool slippers are handmade in Nepal from processing raw wool into felt and carefully stitching together your favourite slipper to ensure the highest quality. We believe in our women’s slippers and men's slippers so much we have a no questions asked one year guarantee. Designed for the adventurer, our felt slippers are for wherever you wander.

All Ambler wool slippers are made with a single piece of felted wool to reduce the potential for wear and tear. The thick, felted base provides arch support and cushioning and is designed to mold to your feet for a perfect, custom fit.

Ethically Sourced: Supporting Strong Communities and Local Economies

Everything we do at Ambler is to make a difference in the lives of the people we work with - from the makers to the wearers. We have been working with the same company in Nepal since 2003 to make our handmade toques, and in 2016 we started working with them to create our first collection of our Fair Trade Certified wool slippers.

Apparel workers are among the lowest-paid employees in the world because of poor social standards. The lack of regulation in place can lead to unsafe working conditions, long hours and job discrimination. Our partnership provides safe and sustainable employment for people in Nepal. That is why we spin and dye our wool in Nepal instead of importing finished yarn and felt from other countries. The more employment opportunities we can provide means a greater benefit for the economy as a whole.

We believe that as a small business and family we can make a big impact through the choices we make in how and where we produce our products.

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How to Find the Right Size

Our felted slippers are made to stretch and fit your feet perfectly. They may feel a little tight for the first couple days of wear, but will soon mold to your feet for maximum comfort. If you find yourself in between sizes, we recommend sizing up to the next size. If you have any questions about how products fit before purchasing, please contact us and we'd be happy to help you out.

Adult Slipper Sizing Guide
Kids' Slipper Sizing Guide