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Cool Kids Hats

Fun, Stylish, Environmentally Friendly & Indestructible Kids Hats

All Ambler kids hats are premium quality, made in Canada and proudly built with sustainably sourced materials - such as organic cotton and recycled plastics. Tough and crafted with care - our kids hats and caps are built to last and come with a lifetime guarantee. Featuring various colours, cuts, embroidery and patch options to choose from, kids will have no problem showing off their unique personalities and will be able to walk, run or tumble around with confidence and style. In addition, all Ambler’s kids hats and caps feature an adjustable snap-back closure, ensuring additional longevity and flexibility as kids grow. Whether your kid is a nature-hopper  or a city-bopper Ambler’s versatile kids hats and caps suite every setting, wherever you (and your kids) wander.

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