Treeline Snapback Hat

This hat is sold out for the season but it is still available online at Valhalla Pure Outfitters

The popular Treeline has been updated this year and returns to a full fabric back with the treeline art printed on a structured front panel. 

  • Large depth (larger fit than the previous mesh-back version)
  • Adjustable snapback closure
  • Made with poly front panel & organic cotton back 
  • Made in Canada

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Kari Harrington
Very good item! The mesh

Very good item! The mesh back really helps with keepimg your head cool.

Glad to hear it!


I bought 3 hats and they all sat on the top of my head like hummingbird nests... gave 1 to my wife and the other 2 to my niece, super cool hats, artwork is fantastic, quality is great but not made for men, and I don’t even have that big of a head.. sorry but this email asked for feedback :(

Thanks for the feedback, we appreciate it. We're sorry to hear that your new hat didn't fit as expected. We want you to be satisfied with your purchase and are always willing to exchange for a larger hat or provide you with a refund. If we can be of help picking out a larger hat please contact us

Lucie Francis
Nice hat

I like it but I would like more size fot the same hate. It fits but it is a little bit deep. And too small for my spouse. But I like it overall.

Thanks for the review. Yes, it is challenging to get the same design to fit on different head shapes. We try to vary up our designs within the different sizes but, alas, we're never able to get them to fit everyone. Glad you're enjoying it overall though!

I m buying this item for a third time

I love the design and have been wearing this model for a few years.

We're glad to hear you've come back for more! Enjoy the new hat.