Mountain Gaiter w/ Filter

Treeline Gaiter

This is our solution to be able to wear a face mask with a filter while skiing at our local ski hill, Whitewater. We tried using our own face masks but after a full day of skiing either our ears hurt or we were frustrated with pulling the mask over our nose as it slid down.

The Mountain Gaiter with a filter solves our frustrations by incorporating a filter within a neck gaiter and including a pliable nose bridge. This solution provides us with a comfortable fit, extra warmth and keeps us compliant with covid protocols by having an ASTM level 3 filter over our mouth and nose.

The filtered version of our Mountain Gaiter is made of a lighter weight fabric than our original Mountain Gaiter. This lighter fabric provides a snug fit while allowing for more stretch to fit a variety of head sizes. We have tested these on our kids (ages 9 & 12) and they are suitable for their head sizes.

  • Certified 3-layer ASTM Level 3 Filter
  • Flexible nose bridge provides a secure, comfortable fit
  • Soft woven polyester 
  • Machine washable (hang to dry)
  • Made in Canada

The Mountain Gaiters with Filter are non-returnable and non-refundable.

The Coastal print is original artwork created for Ambler by Andy Putnam. Check out his Instagram too!

Here's a little video we put together while out product testing the new Mountain Gaiter w/ Filter.

Customer Reviews

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So amazing I bought more!! Wore it skiing and it stayed up, was breathable and comfortable all day!!! Love it

Face mask gaiter

We like this item especially for skiing, I wish the filter was a little longer and came down below the chin similar to a real mask

Love it

Comfortable :)


Great design

Gaiter with Filter is awesome!

Works great, appreciate the nose wire for keeping it in place. I was struggling before I bought this as it’s hard to deal with a mask around the ears and the regular neck gaiters didn’t feel like appropriate protection. I ordered one for my husband and he’s very happy with his as well! Thanks for creating these and helping us keep our ski hill safe!

Best option so far but needs tweaking

To start I need to point out I am a huge fan of ambler products and business model. When i saw the gators I was going to order a dozen for the family but after getting mine I think they need more refinement despite watching the video and seeing you made the product just as I would have if I had the means. So we thought alike.

The fit is snug but i expect after more use and wash cycles it will loosen up. If it was not for the cut and wire it would be a 5 rating and here is why i say that:

1. The wire is pretty wide which I thought i would like but it feels bulky. A thinner wire would solve this. Under the goggles the width and thickness of the wire is uncomfortable.

2. The fit of it rides down my nose if the gator is over the nose in the front (important) and just under the back of skull in the back. If I wear it evenly and level (same height back and front) its quite tight and I find the wire digs into my nose.

I bought this specifically for the ski hill as with a helmet and such over the ears does not work and most “buff” styles are not a proper material. The way its made now is so tight and wire thick that my goggles fog up with my breath leaking in and my nose gets squished making breathing a difficult.

The nice thing about the gator is it seals down the neck. If you make another version please cut the front profile to follow a goggle profile with a smooth curve that is lower on the cheeks and higher the nose without a wire but maybe just double folded seam around the edge and a bit looser in general. The seam would compress under the goggles foam comfortably to form a good seal (no fogging inside goggles) and the cut would leave enough room to keep the nose from squishing. I have yet to find a gator or mask that i want to wear all the time but the filter section on yours seems to allow for easier breathing so if you can make the fit better it would make the grade.

Thanks so much for the thoughtful review, Andre. We really appreciate your honesty and your extensive feedback on the fit and design. Making 'one size fits most' products definitely has its challenges and I'm sorry that you're not finding the fit to be working for you.
We definitely read every review and take feedback seriously. Thanks again for your thoughtful review as well as your continued support of Ambler over the years!

Most excellent!!

The Ambler gaiter stayed right in place, didn’t get soaked and was comfy. All day.