The Himalayan Story

The Himalayan Collection is rooted in Ambler’s origins – hand sewn hats made at home, one by one.

But this collection is about more than exceptional construction, comfort and design. It is about creating a livelihood that supports and empowers women in the developing world, creating friendships, bridging cultures and doing good.

We employ different groups of home knitters located in small communities throughout the Kathmandu region and provide them with knitting needles, yarn and continued skill development. When the knitting is complete the hats travel from these communities on the backs of bicycles or motorbikes to our production partner’s factory and distribution center. This is where poms and felt features are added, fleece lining is sewed in and labels and tags are attached. Completed hats are then packaged and shipped in bulk to the United States and Canada.

We’ve been working with the same production partner since 2005 and we are continually impressed with the great lengths they go to to insure that their employees are working in the best possible conditions. Located just outside of Kathmandu overlooking a soccer pitch and a field of rice, the distribution center employs approximately 175 workers who specialize in felting, knitting, sewing, packaging, bookkeeping and production management. The distribution center has incredible amounts of natural light, is extremely clean and, most importantly, is filled with happy workers who enjoy their jobs.

Our desire is for more women in Nepal to learn a skilled trade so that they can have safe and sustainable employment in an economy that offers too few of those opportunities. As a small, family operated business, it is important to us to empower and give back to the people and communities we work with.