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Bikes Provide An Answer

Nice infographic on what life could be like if more of us pedaled our bikes for daily commuting.

via FastCo Design blog

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Solar Subsidies

If solar power received the same government subsidies as fossil fuels solar power would be cheaper than standard grid power. This infographic makes a quick and compelling argument to start treating renewable energy solutions as viable ones. Click on the image for a larger version.

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Homemade Is Best

Carl Kleiner’s photography in the new Ikea cookbook ‘Homemade Is Best’ got me thinking about how the choices I make regarding the food that I consume would probably change if I could have a photograph showing me the portions and ingredients that it contains. Even better, how about a photo or infographic of all of the items that go into making the raw ingredients of my meals. That would probably make me think twice about that street corner burrito.

This un-finished product photography would work well for consumer goods as well. I’d like to see some products broken down into their elements similar to what Kleiner has done with the cookbook photography. We are so accustomed to seeing the finished product that we forget about what, exactly, is underneath the surface.

What are the un-finished product photos that you’d like to see?

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The Human Energy Company

Fortum from Rasmus Keger on Vimeo.

This concept is great for so many reasons. First and foremost, it is encouraging people to live a healthy lifestyle through fitness. I also like the connection it makes between our physical output at the gym and our energy consumption at home.

From a branding perspective, this is a brilliant idea. They’re creating consumer involvement and building a tribe while breaking down the perceptions we all have of energy companies. Another +1 for Scandinavia.

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