Wax On, Wax Off

I have recently returned to Ambler after a year away working in a completely unrelated field. This last year has been one of my best for many reasons; primarily because it was the year of my first child’s birth. Besides that mind-expanding and life-altering event, I have had the chance to learn some great new things about myself and about business.

The biggest lesson learned is actually something I was introduced to in 1984 at the age of 6 by a guy you probably know, Mr. Miyagi. The Karate Kid had an impact on my young life at the time and this year I was reminded of the importance of Mr. Miyagi’s cornerstone lesson; ‘wax on, wax off’.

Before Mr. Miyagi’s karate protégé, Daniel, could actually get a chance to block a kick or throw a punch he had to perform what seemed to be endless chores for Mr. Miyagi around the house. Painting the fence, sanding the deck and waxing the cars in Daniel’s mind were a waste of time and energy and were getting him nowhere closer to his goal of kicking ass.

I found myself doing the chores of daily life and grumbling about how it wasn’t leading me in the right direction and how I can’t believe that this is what I’m doing with myself. But that’s when I heard Mr. Miyagi’s voice and it made me realize that if I don’t master the actions and intentions of my daily, routine tasks then I will never kick ass at anything. Waxing on and waxing off perfectly with both hands taught Daniel the exact actions he needed to block a kick when it matters most.

Perfect execution of the not-so-important tasks is what teaches us the characteristics of perfect execution in general. So that has literally brought me back to Ambler, a place where people really enjoy doing things right. I have started sanding the deck and painting some of the fence and I know that it is leading me as an individual and Ambler as a company to becoming masters at what we do.

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The Newest Ambler: Christian Rawles

In a few weeks we’ll be welcoming Christian Rawles to our team. Christian will be our Sales Manager, joining Dave Bartholomew in designing and implementing our new sales strategy.

We want to have the strongest sales force and the best customer service in the business. Christian and Dave are ideally suited to make that happen.

We received over 200 applications for this position and many were very, very strong candidates, making the selection process luxuriously challenging.  We considered many and interviewed several, and we found just the right fit with Christian.

Why Christian?

Christian has worked with us before. For two years, he did an incredible job of reorganizing and running our production and logistics. Christian is incredibly reliable and a multi-talented learning machine. We’re very happy to have him back, especially in such a key position.

Christian understands Ambler, our style, our aspirations, our product, and our customers. He will expand our capabilities without changing our flavour.

So everyone please welcome Christian Rawles (back) to the team!

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Ambler Sponsors the CCC Bouldering Comp

Thanks to Guido Neitzer for the photos!

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Tis the Season

We’ve been sponsoring a whole lot of events this year. Here’s some feedback:

“Thank you very much Scott for all those beautiful hats.  Since I was also a volunteer I was permitted to pick one. My daughter and I had a fun time looking through all those hats. We wished we were still a little younger and could fit some of those very cute ones. I dropped them of with people attending the races so I am not sure how they will distribute them. Everybody was very impressed with your generous donation and word had spread quickly about it with the club members. I understand my timing was very fortunate but you can be sure that we will hit you up again next year! 

With sincere gratitude,

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Product Safety Bulletin: Erwin & Poseidon

I am disappointed to announce that we must issue a recall for our kids’ Erwin and Poseidon beanies. We have discovered that — despite being damn cute — a batch of these two hats were made with insecurely attached parts. If these parts come loose, they may present a choking hazard.

Please click here to review the attached recall notice. Please return or modify any affected product accordingly.

For help in identifying the affected product and/or for instructions to return, please contact Ambler by email at returns@amblermw.com. More information can also be found on the Health Canada website.

My sincere apologies to our customers who have purchased these beanies. If you need any other information, please email me at scott@amblermw.com.

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